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Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020

Road traffic injuries constitute a major health and development problem the world over but especially in the African Region....

declaration de stockholm

Troisième Conférence mondiale sur la Sécurité Routière : La Déclaration de Stockholm

Le monde entier était au rendez-vous de la Sécurité Routière les 18, 19 et 20 février 2020 à Stockholm...

Securoute participate to civil society at pre event at Stockholm

The NGOs’ events centered around “Every Day Counts,” an installation that use a pile of shoes to represent the...

Securoute Africa with others NGOs and experts at Stockholm

Some of the international road safety partneship of victim members from around the world at attends the Exhibition of...

Road Legislation.

Cette section de la rubrique des transports terrestres fournit des articles sur les infrastructures des transports routiers, notamment les installations fixes (routes, gares de frêt, gares voyageurs…), le parc des engins et des véhicules.

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We focus on four points.

Over the news

We are up to date about News on road in general


We make campaign for road safetyeverywhere


We organize event about road safety

Security Alert

We alert people and government about everythings hapenned on road

Road Legislation

What you have to know about Road Legislation

Why to act on road

Life is precious

Traffic injuries

More than 300 000 deaths among people aged 15-29 in 2012 because of road traffic injuries

Fatality rate

The African region has the highest road traffic fatality rate.
For the road traffic fatality rates per 100 000 (2013), the African region is about 26.6


Assistance of the victims of the place of the accident until disability.
Injuries suffred by loss of mobility. Quality of life. Social weight of the family


The cost of road accidents equivalent has more than 2% of the beep poor countries. Security road is a challenge for suitainable development in Afria

Key Findings

Traffic deaths and injuries
Cutting traffic deaths and injuries by half could add 7 to 22% to GDP per capita over 24 years in select countries.
Welfare benefits equivalent to 6 to 32% of GDP par capita could be realized over the same period if traffic deaths and injuries were halved.
Road traffic
Road traffic injuries are the single largest cause of mortality and long-term disability among people aged 15-29, prime working age.

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