SECUROUTE overcome the challenge of halving road deaths by 2030

SECUROUTE was part to the Africa continental workshop on road safety on wednesday, 19 may 2021.

Organized by the Global Alliance, this online meeting aim to :

  • Update the African Road Safety Action Plan (2021-2030) and align it with the GlobalAction Plan for the Second UN Road Safety Decade currently being prepared as wellas recommendations of the Stockholm Declaration and UN Resolution A/RES/74/299 of 2 September 2020.
  • Proceed with the Expert validation of the African Road Safety Action Plan (2021-2030)
  • Review the work of the African Road Safety Observatory (ARSO) and explore itscontribution to the implementation of the Second Road Safety Decade in Africa.
  • Advocate for Member States, that have not yet done so, to sign and ratify the Africanroad safety charter.
  • Advocate for the adoption of 30km/h speed limit in urban areas.

The outcomes expected are :

  • Validated Action plan for the Decade 2021-2030
  • Proposals for the full implementation of the ARSO
  • Participants are encouraged to express their support to the UN call for action forthe 30km/h speed limit where people walk, live and play is signed.

In agreement with all participants, the global plan of action for the 2021-2030 decade of action for road safety was submitted and approve. The document will be update with few contributions by 26 may 2021.

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